09 May 2015

The U.S. Situation and Danny’s Song

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So far everyone has been nonplussed by this.

8 Responses to “The U.S. Situation and Danny’s Song”

  1. E. Harding says:

    Wow, Bob, you sound like a half-decent singer in this video. I wonder if seeing people’s faces affects how they view their singing voices.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      You want some ointment for the back of your hand? It must be stinging.

    • Grane Peer says:

      Despite many attempts with LSD I have never been able to judge sound visually. But I do see how you could think Bob sounds better when you’re not being distracted by his rugged handsomeness and bulging trousers.

  2. E. Harding says:

    Also, inverted yield curve: averted:

  3. guest says:

    ROFLMAO @ Wheaties boy never being the same.


    +1 (<– Plussed)

  4. Jorge Borlandelli says:

    Next time you visit Nassau is going to be for a singing tour!!! What about rehearsing some Ronnie Butler’s songs.

  5. Z says:

    Just keep calm…just keeping my cool…just keeping my cool. don’t get angry….

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