06 Apr 2015

Bob Murphy on the Tatiana (Moroz) Show

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I always blast these things out on Twitter and Facebook, but I can’t forget you guys! Starting at 9pm Eastern (Monday night)… Link here.

6 Responses to “Bob Murphy on the Tatiana (Moroz) Show”

  1. Grane Peer says:

    That was great fun Bob but I don’t know why you keep skirting the Islands in the Stream issue.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Partly because I don’t really know the song, and I never remember to learn it.

      • Grane Peer says:

        I can’t expect to live my dreams vicariously through you but gosh darn it I just don’t got the chops.

  2. Capt. J Parker says:

    Wow. Totally awesome, intelligent, engaging chick with a warm smile and a world class voice. As for you Dr. Murphy, your responses were putting her to sleep at 38:00.
    I checked out Ms Moroz’ website. Her cover of Heaven’s Door is already my favorite. Now I just need to figure out how to work a libertarian leaning singers cover into a concise defense against charges by my statist friend that I’m politically conflicted because I like Dylan.

  3. Nathan Dunn says:

    Soooo you’re saying water should be delivered by catapults? Kidding. I love your arguments Bob and I steal them shamelessly all the time. Thank you for all the work you do and importantly, how you do it.

  4. M says:

    I think the root problem is that the general public doesn’t understand econ 101. I think it’s difficult for you to just state that a market economy and private property can solve this problem and expect to convince anyone who doesn’t already understand these notions and already agrees with you.

    Your analogies basically call Jerry Brown’s policies stupid and call on him to talk to economists to deal with the problem, but if you’re going to get the political pressure for this, the public needs to understand the economist arguments in the first place. Socialists just start yelling things like water baron monopolies, and scaring people with images of thirsty children and they start losing their minds.

    I humbly suggest one solid historical example of price fixing on a ‘necessary good’ and how it was terrible for everyone. Then an example of how market forces normalized times of scarcity, and how it can do the same for the water crisis.


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