21 Mar 2015


Potpourri 4 Comments

==> I haven’t read this yet, but a published response to the “Dark Leviathan” piece that John Bush and I discussed on our recent podcast.

==> At FreedomFest this year, I’m going to be the prosecutor in the “Fed on Trial,” while Jeff Madrick is going to be the defense attorney.

==> Another article on Bitcoin, private law, and all kinds of stuff that I haven’t yet read, but it looks very provocative. Lots of glossy photos!

==> A funny comic on the economics of Superman. I’ll repost my old article on this when they send me the updated URL.

==> FEE publishes Ralph Nader! (Note the date.)

4 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. senyoreconomist says:

    Dr. Murphy,

    Hello. I was wondering if you or another Austrian would be willing to comment on this article:


    I think it would be really good if an Austrian comments on it. Thank you…

  2. senyoreconomist says:

    Dr. Murphy,

    Hello again. My reading of Mr. Adair’s article (linked to above) is that he is saying that Japan’s debt problems are no big deal. Do you agree with that? Thank you.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Senyor sorry I’m swamped with stuff for a while.

      • senyoreconomist says:

        I understand, thank you anyway…

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