20 Dec 2014

Tom Woods Confesses to His Listeners

Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion, Tom Woods 12 Comments

There are a lot of things you will learn in this episode of the Tom Woods Show:

(1) He is a good dad.

(2) He is a workaholic.

(3) “Contra Krugman” will launch in April. Let’s hope Krugman is still a Keynesian!

12 Responses to “Tom Woods Confesses to His Listeners”

  1. Tel says:

    Sounds a bit like low GABA levels, can be just a perfectly natural hereditary deficiency of GABA, or can be a result of stress, etc. Causes mild anxiety and loss of sleep, also dedication to tasks and “workaholic” attitude. Since Tom says he’s always been like that and is coming out with comments like “I’m not normal”, I would be guessing hereditary deficiency.

    If you go to a sports nutrition shop they usually have some sort of “recovery mix” containing protein, vitamins, food supplements, and most important Picamilon which is a GABA supplement. The idea is to go hard for a while with whatever training you are into, then switch over to the “recovery mix” and chill out for a few days while your body repairs a bit. The effects of Picamilon are variable depending on the person (search comments in forums, people are surprisingly honest about their experiences) but roughly these: relaxation, sleepy, calming, de-motivational, unwilling and/or unable to get freaked out about stuff, mild emotional detachment.

    Picamilon is not intoxicating nor narcotic in any way, it’s legal in most places, but as always best to find a nutrition expert whom you trust and ask them, or at least do a lot of reading online, and start with small amounts. If you stop taking it the effects go away after a few days.

  2. guest says:

    (4) He figured out that the point of fighting for liberty is for HIM to be free NOW, rather than fighting so that “the remnant” can restore liberty to a bunch of people in the future.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      If only Tom did as much for liberty as anonymous critics in blog comment sections.

      • Joseph Fetz says:

        Right, because some guy called “guest” on the internet is now my new savior … ahem

      • guest says:

        No, really:

        Fighting for “the remnant” seems to me to be a collectivist kind of motive. Which, I think, defeats the point of fighting for Natural Rights.

        He SHOULD be enjoying his life more.

        Also, anonymous blogging strips others of their ability to distract your audience with Genetic Fallacies. The ideas are what matters.

        Also, also … Tom Woods pretty much MADE me – primarily using this video.

    • guest says:

      What’s the opposite of Poe’s Law?

      • guest says:

        There was this other time this happened, and Joseph Fetz thought I might have been talking to LK.

        I didn’t get the sense that it would have mattered to Fetz that my jovial comment was a subtle way of letting him know that there’s no animosity from me when I viciously beat down pro-bitcoin arguments (with a slight lack of precision, granted), so I didn’t bother saying I was responding to him.

        And yes, I will be Fetz’s savior from bitcoins.

  3. Bob Murphy says:

    OK guest, in retrospect I see what happened. Sorry. Good quip on the opposite of Poe’s law.

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