29 Dec 2014


Potpourri 4 Comments

==> Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell talk about Murray Rothbard. This is an older podcast but I just heard it.

==> Jeff Tucker reflects on falling oil/gasoline prices.

==> I actually liked this Krugman column on war being counterproductive. However, he’s still locked into the “American war is the fault of Republicans” mindset.

==> Speaking of oil prices and Krugman…Rob Bradley does.

==> China bailing out Russia?

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  1. E. Harding says:

    Bob, I can’t believe you liked Krugman’s article. War is only counterproductive if one has unrealistic goals and no clear strategy. Putin has realistic goals (keep Krim, keep Ookrayeena out of NATO and the E.U.) and a clear strategy. So did Bush in Iraq, post-2006. I don’t think the combination of realistic goals and clear strategy has ever existed in the Afghan War. Also, it’s ridiculous to think that the Ookrayeena intervention is any kind of significant financial drain for a country as large as Russia. In any case, by Krugman’s standards, the intervention should be considered a shining example of fiscal stimulus.

    Also, the fact I can’t use my original email is still bugging me.

  2. Major.Freedom says:

    Someone should clue Krugman in to the fact that states arise by conquest, and that the continued activity of statism requires thugs, violence and threats of violence against those who did not themselves aggress against anyone.

    His characterization of Putin (thug, threats of violence, etc) is exactly what states do in order to even exist. Just because 51% do the threatening via “democratically elected representatives” against the minority, that doesn’t turn the threats of violence into peaceful cooperation.

    Social democrats who complain about initiations of force are bleeding hypocrites.

    • E. Harding says:

      Good point, MF. The U.S. ousting Putin now would be the most anti-democratic thing imaginable.

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