01 Nov 2014


Potpourri 5 Comments

==> An oldie (1936!) but goodie: Albert Jay Nock on ignoring the masses and catering to the Remnant.

==> Some of you may be interested in this podcast put out by one of the pastors at my church.

==> Before the 2008 election, I asked Obama supporters to list things that would make them regret it. This guy responded, and so did Andrew Sullivan (though I can’t dig up the link now–he mentioned me by name if any of you want to look). Interesting stuff.

==> A Freakonomics podcast on the vampire econ book co-edited by Glen Whitman, my micro TA at NYU.

==> Alex Tabarrok says that I will not be going to the Moon anytime soon.

5 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    Yeah, Jim Henley is half-idiot. Just sayin’.

  2. Harold says:

    Sullivan’s take:

    From the comments in the blog you link to:
    Comment by Aris Katsaris —
    October 27, 2008 @ 8:52 am

    Kick me if Obama DOES NOT pursue his stated policy of admitting Georgia or Ukraine into NATO, and I excuse it.
    As a European wary of the Russian threat, I consider it absolutely fundamental for Europe’s security that Ukraine be admitted into NATO or atleast receives other assurances for its territorial integrity.

    Comment by Jim Henley —
    October 27, 2008 @ 9:55 am

    Well Aris I think that’s nuts.

  3. Tel says:


    Bunch of blunt tools. Prediction: Japan will hit the skids harder and sooner than the USA does. Uncertainty: whether anyone will learn from this?!?

    • Tel says:


      Now let’s tweak the scenario one last time: Suppose that Tabitha lends $10,000 to Sam, who gives her an IOU promising $10,500 in 12 months. After the year passes, Sam walks up to Tabitha and sticks a gun in her belly, demanding $10,500 in cash. She hands it over to him, and then he gives it right back and tears up his IOU.

      In this scenario, did Tabitha acquire a net financial asset when she originally lent the money to Sam?

      A lot of Japanese must be asking themselves this question right about now. Hilarious… in a horror show kind of way.


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