18 Nov 2014

Fox News Compilation of Democrats Praising Gruber

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Yes it’s from Fox but the footage speaks for itself…

8 Responses to “Fox News Compilation of Democrats Praising Gruber”

  1. Major.Freedom says:

    “OK OK OK, we may have had Gruber staple some paper and participate in some discussions, but he wasn’t a member of the White House staff!”

  2. khodge says:

    The White House paid Gruber about as much as Obama makes in a year but I guess it’s possible Obama hasn’t heard of him.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Beyond that, obviously they briefed him before he took that podium–he admitted as much. So his pooh-poohing of Gruber’s role was deliberate; it’s not that Obama honestly forgot the guy’s connection to the legislation.

  3. Cosmo Kramer says:

    We have seen this guy before!

    Skip to the end since everyone here has already seen the Gruber piece of it.


  4. Yancey Ward says:

    “Oh, I thought you meant John Gruber!”

  5. skylien says:

    I am sure this is the brother of Simon Gruber…

  6. Tel says:

    The other news reports can’t complain about this… because then they would have to mention that matter of which we shall not speak.

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