15 Sep 2014

The Most Narcissistic Post of All Time

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I’m not making this up, somebody is writing up a post on my contributions to economic education. He even asked me for some of my favorite quotations on economics in general, and energy economics in particular. So, uh, if any of you have any candidates of “great Murphy quotes,” let me know. I’m arrogant, but this is making me feel funny.

6 Responses to “The Most Narcissistic Post of All Time”

  1. Adam says:

    On the topic of your contributions to economic education, if you had to pick one idea relating to libertarianism or Austrian economics, and you had to fit it in a tweet, what would you tweet?

  2. gienon says:

    “All these modern ideas of libertarian paradise (e.g. Peter Thiel’s floating islands) are laughable based on the fact that the fact that they all piggyback off the success of government institutions. Do you think Peter has a group of ragtag Somalis in mind when he thinks about potential residents of his libertarian paradise islands or is he more likely to recruit well educated individuals who have come up through our public institutions? I bet I know the answer!”

    Bob Murphy:
    “Do you think he’s got people from North Korea in mind?”

    Libertarian Zingers 101

  3. Garrett M. Petersen says:

    My favourite Murphy quote: [Referring to data on unemployment during the Great Depression] “What would it look like if the New Deal was actually terrible for the economy? Wouldn’t it look like that?”

    • Enopoletus Harding says:

      No; it would look like the data from the fifth term of the Mugabe administration, not from Lennart Meri’s administration. It’s pretty clear the first five months of the Roosevelt Administration were days of fantastic recovery (of course, the economy stalled for two years after that).

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