03 Sep 2014

Government Data Is Corrupt

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I realize this is a silly thing to be posting, but does anyone know why all of the Census Excel tables on health insurance coverage are “corrupt” according to my Excel program? I’m using a MacBook and MS 2007 for Mac if that helps. It won’t even let me open the files.

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  1. Major.Freedom says:

    Shot in the dark:

    Right click and save as a .csv file?

  2. Enopoletus Harding says:

    Well, ironically, your website was down for a few minutes when I tried visiting this post. I could get some, but not all, of the census tables to work (they do apparently contain unreadable content of some sort).

  3. Tel says:

    I tried HIB-1 and HIB-7, I’m using Google QuickOffice v6.3.1.041 on Android, and it says “File cannot be opened”.

    • Tel says:

      I went to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, could not find comparable insurance statistics, but downloaded something on tobacco smoking (seems all the rage to have it in for smokers round here at the moment), also an XLS file, but opened just fine on the same phone as above.

      Clearly the problem is at your end.

  4. Jan Masek says:

    Didnt work either on my “proper” MS windows/excel 2010 which normally handles old excel fine (this is pre2007 xls). So i guess it really is corrupt.

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