01 Jul 2014

Tom Woods Interviews David Stockman

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A great interview last week. In particular, Tom asks Stockman about Ronald Reagan’s governing style; really interesting stuff.

If you like what you hear, remember that both Stockman and Tom will be speaking at the Night of Clarity in Nashville August 15! Full details here.

2 Responses to “Tom Woods Interviews David Stockman”

  1. Gamble says:

    I hope everybody else hears what I hear when Stockman speaks/writes.

    The system is corrupt beyond repair and has been for quite some time. There is no free market.

    Assuming we make it another 100 years, Stockman will be viewed as 1 of the giants. Hayek, Rothbard, etc.

    I love listening to this guy.

  2. Bob Roddis says:

    Scott Horton also interviewed Stockman yesterday. Here is a link to the podcast and to three of Stockman’s most important recent articles.


    Recall that the phony “capitalism failed” explanation of the Great Depression was the phony justification for the coup in the courts that granted the federal government plenary power over the entire economy under the power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes”. When I was in law school in 1977-78, we were told that we were not going to discuss that topic because we needed to learn what how the courts would actually rule when representing clients. As always, they are ready and willing to debate and engage our positions and challenges to their anecdotal history.

    No phony “capitalism failed” story, no Obamacare or Hobby Lobby.

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