07 Jul 2014

Murphy vs. Hank Paulson on Climate Change

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I am working on a post that gets into the specifics, but my first reaction to Henry Paulson et al.’s recent evangelism on climate change policy. An excerpt:

In a sense, Henry Paulson actually is a great guy to be spearheading the movement to get the federal government heavily involved in the energy sector. He has a history of obfuscation and mafia tactics with which he showers his cronies with government-backed privileges.

7 Responses to “Murphy vs. Hank Paulson on Climate Change”

  1. Raja says:

    It seems Murphy is getting more aggressive and direct with his responses. Considering it’s in the Shameless Self-Promotion category, I was wondering if there’s a Bob Murphy T-Shirt out there with some amazing quote? Or am I the only true fan?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Of course there are Bob Murphy t-shirts. Try this or this.

      • Raja says:

        One of the classier T-shirts at Mises.org is the one with a monetary quote from Hayek. It says at the front “Stabilization is Chaos”. I was wondering if Murphy could create a shirt with the line: “Chaos is Stabilization” or “Chaos is Stability”. The back should have some cool quote obviously.

        Since I recently read the Chaos Theory by Murphy I am inclined to think that would be so awesome. This would indirectly (roundabout way) connect Murphy to Hayek, and Murphy to me! And how wonderful would that be. I might end up with a few complimentary t-shirts and signed books!

        • Gamble says:

          The Mises shirt means that every time the centralizers try to create stability, they really create chaos. So the centralizers really are liars and deceivers who want to create chaos but call is stability as a ruse.

          Anarchist don’t try to create chaos or stability. We simply allow a different type of order to voluntarily appear and a side effect is peace.

      • Matt M says:

        How did I not know of the zombie neo-confederate t-shirt. Think I’m gonna have to get me one of those.

  2. Harold says:

    “And that’s the most that the U.S. government could possibly achieve, even if it relied on a ridiculously draconian ban on all future emissions”
    Do you think the US Govt. can only affect change within its borders? You are describing a PD situation. The best outcome will not occur by each participant acting “rationally” in its own apparent interests. Each country on its own can do little to affect the global CO2 emissions.

    “This calculation assumes a (generous) “climate sensitivity” parameter of 3 degrees Celsius. Based on the latest research, a lower figure is more appropriate, but we hardly need to push on that front in order to make the point in the text.” On what basis do you say a lower figure is more appropriate? 3°C is where the results cluster.

  3. Kay says:

    Imagine the following testimony of Steyer before a House Committee on “Hearings on the Climate Change Doomsday Campagne and Carbon Derivatives Market for Wall Street vs. America”…
    Q: “Mr. Steyer, what thinketh you about policies to address certain, impending climate change?”
    A:  “I believe it to be the best thing for Wall Street since derivatives and bailouts.  Afterall, I made so much money on derivatives at Goldman that I plan to run for Governor of California based largely on the Climate Change Doomsday Campagne and its sister campaign Carbon Derivatives for Wall Street.  (And, by the way, thank you so much for bailing out Goldman, oops, I mean AIG.)  We’ll soon be able to transfer credits from useless tax gimmick Carter-era windmills in Califonia to increase the price of useful shale oil as it is produced and –this is the genius part, gentlemen — pass the cost to the economy in general.  It’s a win-win!”

    Wonderful high production values brochure for the average apolitical person target market, as one would expect from Bloomberg media.

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