05 Jul 2014

Mises Institute USA and Canada Events

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From July 20 – 26 I will be in Auburn AL at the original Mises Institute for the famous “Mises University.” This is the flagship event for the Mises Institute in which we provide a comprehensive introduction to Austro-libertarian thought. I realize a week in Alabama in July doesn’t sound appetizing, but it is truly a life-changing experience, particularly for undergrad students (the primary target audience). Here’s a short video explaining it. I imagine they are all booked at this point, but here is a link to enroll for the live video feed.

* * *

For those closer to Toronto, there is another option starting this year. Mises Canada is hosting a 3-day “Rothbard University” from July 16-19. (If you buy tickets here, use promo code “Murphy”.) Separately you can buy tickets to dinner with Walter Block.

(Just to be clear, I’m not teaching at the Mises Canada event this year, but they asked me to help get the word out since it’s a new event.)

I’ll be at FreedomFest next week with Mises Canada, if any of you are going to Vegas, baby…

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  1. Tim Miller says:

    Looking forward to Mises University. Do you know yet what you’ll be lecturing on specifically?

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