19 Jul 2014

Just to Be Sure Billy Joel Hates Libertarians

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A new video featuring “Bitcoin Girl”:

And my own efforts from last year, on a much lower budget:

4 Responses to “Just to Be Sure Billy Joel Hates Libertarians”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    That was sort of cheesy, but I did think that it was funny how they had Doge popping up in the background numerous times.

  2. guest says:

    “Bitcoin Girl … She’s so over paper money, which has no value, intrinsically …”


    And yet …

    Do bitcoin girls dig hard money dudes?

  3. Samson Corwell says:

    Not bad, Bob. I mean that sincerely.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Thanks. I think it was 1% out of my grasp. If you put aside the temptation to mock, you can hear that I actually know the song inside and out. I just didn’t quite have it on the hardest points, which naturally is not a good thing to have happen when you’re doing a song.

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