03 Jun 2014

“These Austrians Are Funny Guys! Just Kill One of Them.”

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Recently someone who is trying to get me a speaking job asked for some samples to wow & impress the event organizer. So since I had to dig these up anyway, here are some of the “funny…for an economist” clips I could remember. (Perhaps my all-time funniest, yet scholarly, talk was contrasting Austrian versus mainstream analyses during the crisis, at a Mises Institute event in Texas. But unfortunately an employee at the hotel turned off the microphone feed in between speakers and so that talk lives only in the memories of those who adored it live.)

So anyway, for all of these, I’m not saying you should watch the whole thing, but the opening remarks were better than average:

2 Responses to ““These Austrians Are Funny Guys! Just Kill One of Them.””

  1. Scott D says:

    “Three Amigos” reference, FTW.

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