19 May 2014

Richard Ebeling Provides a Rare Photo of Mises

Austrian School 5 Comments

Richard gave me permission to post this shot from Facebook. He grabbed this when he was going through the archives of the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (formerly the Austrian Institute for Business Cycle Research) in Vienna. (Click the photo to be able to read Richard’s commentary better.)

Mises 1936

I pointed out on Facebook that Mises is the only economist in the group to realize they are being surveilled.

5 Responses to “Richard Ebeling Provides a Rare Photo of Mises”

  1. Enopoletus Harding says:

    Not the only one to realize (there are a few at the bottom-right), but the only one to clearly turn his head towards the camera

  2. Josiah says:

    Habeler seems to have noticed.

  3. Bob Murphy says:

    Can’t a guy make a joke about Mises without being contradicted on his own personal blog?

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