12 May 2014

“Poor Little Fool”

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At my parents’ retirement community I finally found a crowd who liked my kind of music:

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  1. Dyspeptic says:

    Completely surreal. I don’t know whether to admire you as someone with the courage/humility to be foolish in public or to be pissed that I will never get that 2 minutes and 36 seconds of my life back.

    The whole scene does remind me that I will never, ever self segregate into one of those bizarre, artificial, creepy, lets all get old and die together retirement ghettos. No Seizure World for me.

  2. Joseph Fetz says:

    Is that Pat running the show?

  3. bobby says:

    bob you have got to watch this “debate”

    Anarchy vs limited government – Block vs Helfeld


    i don’t know how walter block didn’t explode in a fit of rage

    • Gamble says:

      Well I am following you off topic, but WB says it all in the first 45 seconds. “This debate is premature. Let us wait till State is 5%, then we can decide if limited guv is preferred to anarchy.”

      I get a chuckle(horrified) when people say we cant make government cuts . State controls 40-50% of capital. We are NOWHERE close to anarchy. We are closer to total Statism than we are to anarchy. A few cuts, wont hurt anybody.

      We could immediately reduce every government/district/special in America 20%, and we would still be drowning in a see of statism…

    • Gamble says:

      Jan comes out right away and says people agree to a government, therefore it is not tyranny. They agree to pay a government to protect their rights.

      Jan completely overlooks that not everyone agrees what rights are , he also ignores that government cannot help themselves from taking on more task. Task that the original people never wanted.

      In my opinion, government may have their origin in consent however quickly and automatically morph into something parasitic, rogue and tyrannical.

      There is no such thing as limited government that serves the people.

  4. guest says:

    Bob, may I make a request for a multitrack video?

    Just search for “multitrack” on Youtube.

    Might be fun for you.

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