08 Apr 2014

Yet More Positive Externalities From an Alien Invasion

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Bill Clinton explains:

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  1. JimS says:

    There are no aliens in New Mexico!?!?!?! Give me a break. I’ve been to New Mexico and there are a ton of aliens all over the place. It would be hard to believe that Rswell was the only place in NM that didn’t have any! (Sarc)

  2. Gamble says:

    Clinton and GWB43 sure looked chummy sitting next to each other at the NCAA finals last night. 2 parties, lol.

    I think Krug, Clinton, Bush and all the other New World Order freakazoids really are aliens. Somebody do an autopsy, you will see.

    • JimS says:

      You are probably right. GWB43 sounds like something from Star Wars.

  3. Grane Peer says:

    No,no, with bill at the helm I only see negative externality. Visitors from another galaxy come in peace only to find our beloved pervert and chief has mistaken the alien queen for a humidor and her royal robes for his crusty sock. Insulted, the aliens enslave the human race and vaporize all of our leaders. Oh, I guess there is a positive externality.

  4. Bob Murphy says:

    [BTW I deleted a comment from “joe” who made up a position and attributed it to RP. For consistency I deleted everyone else’s comment who responded to joe’s trolling.]

    • Andrew' says:

      I should point out, you inadvertently did joe more of a favor than anything else.

  5. Andrew' says:

    Everyone references the evil plot of Watchmen without realizing it’s the evil plot that isn’t even theirs (and Alan Moore probably got it from Twilight Zone who got it from someone else because it’s a basic flaw of human nature).

  6. Ash says:

    Was I the only one super impressed by Clinton’s knowledge of exoplanets?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      You’re right that was interesting.

      Some people are very suspicious of the whole thing–it seemed that it wasn’t just a random question that the host planted.

      • Ash says:

        Well I’ve heard on Howard Stern a few times where they made fun of Letterman, because he has a very peculiar “pre-interviewer” who establishes what the guest likes/wants to talk about etc. That’s how he gets those notes on his cards. I assume it’s the same for all these talk shows.

        But regardless, I do think Clinton is a very sharp guy. Watch him debate Herman Cain on tax math (remember that Cain has BSc in math, and an MSc in compsci) and effortlessly recall exact figures from his plan, and also do multiplication on live TV. (If you’re pressed for time though, skip ahead to about 6:20 and watch Clinton’s reaction, it’s pretty funny):

        • Bob Murphy says:

          Nice! Yeah that’s tough to do arithmetic like that on live TV. (I’m not being sarcastic.)

  7. Yancey Ward says:

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!

  8. skylien says:

    If I would wear my tinfoil hat now I would think that this is a clear sign that they are preparing us slowly and carefully for alien defense stimulus. And I would be sure Krugman wasn’t supposed to spoil that by talking about that publicly. Makes it even harder to convince the public with that chatterbox around…

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Skylien I have actually seen people seriously giving such a warning. I.e. it is the logical extension of people who think bombings are false flag attacks designed to terrify the public and get them to agree to huge expansions of State power.

  9. Andrew' says:

    What if the aliens showed up and were like, we are a peaceful species, except we are in a deep recession and have to start a war with you to stimulate our economy.

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