19 Apr 2014

WordPress Bask

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(For newcomers, “bask” = “blog ask” because free bloggers don’t beg!)

I’m not sure when it happened–it may have been when my web guy updated to a newer version of WordPress–but if you try to use the Category pull-down menu (off to the left) you’ll see that it doesn’t work. It used to take you to an archive of all the posts with that particular Category label, but now it just takes you to a single post with that label.

My web guy is not sure what caused this. Does anyone else have any clues before I turn him loose and engage the labor theory of value?

10 Responses to “WordPress Bask”

  1. Gabriel says:

    Hey Bob,

    I’ve been waiting for the first MLP episode to deal with the topic of voluntary trade, barter, and economics to come out and today that has finally happened. I’m curious what you think of the episode’s message as a whole, especially the theme of “a trade is fair as long as both parties get what they want”? There are also some interesting subplots on the subjective theory of value in the Applejack/Rarity plot and on the use of money as the most widely used medium of exchange in the Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy plot. I won’t post any links but you can easily find the video by searching for “mlp trade ya”.

  2. Joseph Fetz says:

    You have a “web guy”? Wow, you’re “big time”.

  3. mark-5 says:

    Bob, it looks like its not specific to that select menu. Any /blog/category link is redirecting to an individual post. Check if any plugins are installed, like the ‘Redirect Category’ plugin, and disable them if they are.

  4. John says:

    As mark-5 states, try turning off plugins one at a time until you find the offending plugin

  5. Jeremy R. Hammond says:

    I recommend deactivating all plugins and see if the category menu works. If so, reactivate them one at a time and double check after each reactivation. If deactivating all plugins doesn’t do the trick, let us know!

  6. Bob Murphy says:

    Thanks guys…

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