25 Apr 2014

Old White Rich (?) Guys Complain About Privilege

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Krugman links to his panel discussion at CUNY on Piketty’s book. Here’s the screenshot:

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 8.59.33 AM

Piketty himself is only 42. (But it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s in the 1% himself this year or next, depending on the structure of his book contract.) Anyway it just jumped out at me to make this observation. Carry on.

3 Responses to “Old White Rich (?) Guys Complain About Privilege”

  1. Jon v. Briesen says:

    You’ve no doubt seen today’s K Kolumn, in which the Master discerns “panic” on the right, over Piketty’s book.

    Seems to me he’s projected a fantasy, where “right” economists are terrified of a Marxist wave of expropriation.
    I know I hang out too much in the fever swamps of “right”[?] blogs, like this one, Café Hayek, EconLog, (ones largely accessible to the layman); and, I haven’t seen any panic. Have you? Pethokoukis, Tyler Cowen, and conservative-to-libertarian commentators have taken a look at the latest phenom.; and, I don’t read panic in their assessments.


  2. Grane Peer says:

    I can’t bear to watch, an hour and a half of professional cagafuegos singing the praises of a new, but all too familiar, odious tome that for generations to come, will enthrall the prosaic intellects of a pack of fickle mush heads.

  3. khodge says:

    I just clicked through to Amazon (your links) and his (translated) book is out of stock, so, yes, he no doubt will be in the 1% in France. He can then afford to buy politicians who will raise his tax sufficiently to take him out of the 1% (apparently without putting someone else in the top 1%).

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