28 Mar 2014


Potpourri, Shameless Self-Promotion 4 Comments

==> Gene Callahan tells me that this post from years ago is consistently the most heavily trafficked of his blog. I guess you know who was Daryl Hall and who was John Oates in this particular breakup.

==> My first college roommate and I built a “cardboard cathedral” (actual term we used) on the floor of our dorm room. (The sleepy town of Hillsdale didn’t even have a movie theater, so cut us some slack.) You can imagine the shock with which he emailed me this story.

==> I am told my Texas Bitcoin talk is featured on this show.

==> This story on elephant dung coffee proves the cost theory of value.

==> A new commodity money?

==> Tom Woods and I have (if I do say so) a great episode on his show, discussing climate change and my argument about slavery not being able to last in an otherwise free market.

==> Anthony Gregory tries to give some “movement history” on the Crimea question.

==> A cute video featuring a “compliment contest” between two rising Internet libertarians.

==> Nate Silver playfully swipes at Krugman.

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  1. Matt M (Dude Where's My Freedom) says:

    I like Gregory’s post, and his overall point is excellent.

    … but, I’m a little concerned with how he matter-of-factly declares the situation to be a terrible, evil, illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia. I’m seeing a lot of this and find it a little troubling. IF the vast majority of Crimeans (yes yes I know, majority rule sucks and all that, but we aren’t getting a libertarian state in Crimea any time soon, so let’s just go with it) decides that they’d much rather form a political association with Russia than with Ukraine (which just had its government overthrown and replaced via a violent coup), do they NOT have the right do to that?

    Now, if you dispute the IF then that’s fine. If you think the election was rigged or whatever then okay, we can discuss why you think so and what evidence there is to support such a claim. But overall, I think it’s very important that libertarians support the general concept of secession in any and all cases, even if that DOES mean joining up with an evil dude like Putin.

  2. Gamble says:

    “Our business operations are subject to numerous risks, factors and uncertainties, domestically and internationally, which are outside our control … These factors include … changes in the amount of payments made under the Supplement[al] Nutrition Assistance Plan and other public assistance plans, changes in the eligibility requirements of public assistance plans.” Walmart annual report

  3. John Becker says:


    That podcast with you and Woods was great. I’m keeping it around on my phone so that I can listen to it again or show it to somebody else. Usually I delete them right away.

  4. Gamble says:

    I know you guys are fascinated with nail gun suicide finance guy. Here is an update, grand jury investigating.


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