31 Mar 2014

April Fool’s at the Airport

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My Facebook status is worthy of reposting here (I only repeat the best of the best):

Thought of a great April Fool’s joke: Anyone who is flying tomorrow, take a little packet of microwave popcorn. Strike up a conversation with the person behind you in line as you approach the scanner, and say, “Oh shoot, you think I’ll be able to sneak this through?” Then put it in your pocket, where you have secretly hidden a ziplock bag full of popped corn. Then when you’re in the machine with your hands up in the air, start shaking violently so that the popcorn comes shooting out of your pocket.

20 Responses to “April Fool’s at the Airport”

  1. David R. Henderson says:

    Worst post ever.

    • Z says:

      What?! That post is freakin awesome.

        • Ken B says:

          Yeah, let’s play jejune tricks on passengers in line. That’ll learn ’em.

          • Bob Murphy says:

            Ken you are a thoroughly disagreeable person. I understand if you want to be sarcastic and rip the crap out of every religious and economic post here, but even an obvious joke?

            • Ken B says:

              Why do you think David objected Bob?

              • Bob Murphy says:

                I can only assume he had a bad experience with a jejune trick when he was younger.

              • Bala says:

                And what makes you think you “know” why David objected? How do you even know it was an objection?

              • Andrew' says:

                Passengers are not even as dumb as they pretend to be on the terrible news snippets where they find the most skiddish looking 30 something chick to say

                “Whatever makes me feel safer right before I leave my family to get on a plane to to to some dumpy sales call for my pretend-significant life is fine by me.”

                Passengers would be amused. They really know it is all security theater at bottom.

                Besides that, it loses a bit in textual description, but this gag is 100% Saturday Night Live skit worthy, and I don’t even mean the horrible 90s era.

              • Andrew' says:

                Now that I’ve had to explain the dead nuts obvious about some neither here nor there topic AGAIN, let’s talk about socialist calculation and how that relates to whether inflation spreads uniformly throughout the economy.

  2. Matt M (Dude Where's My Freedom) says:

    Knowing the TSA, this would probably get you thrown in jail. Which might be worth it for a great joke. But this isn’t one…

  3. andrew' says:

    Or cover your nards with a hot pocket and it will be piping hot for the flight. Can I say nards?

  4. joe says:


  5. Major_Freedom says:

    News at 11: TSA foils would be “popcorn terrorist”

  6. razer says:

    Great idea if you want to get tasered and then hauled into room by a bunch of thugs and detained for 3 hours.

    • Andrew' says:

      Yeah Bob! It’s all your fault!

      By the way…how many terrorists attacks has universal radiation stopped/prevented.

      Let’s start the bidding at zero and work down from there.

      • Andrew' says:

        I suppose universal radiation and unconstitutional search could prevent terrorist attacks…IF reality was like a whole different kind of thing.

        People who support it deserve way worse than a Facebook absurdist joke describing some good-natured parody.

        For the reality-challenged, please try to keep in mind, what Bob did was make a funny. The damage those people are doing is real.

  7. Andrew' says:

    Beyond this example, I have a broader existential question. What is up with this epidemic of people who can’t see the bottom line?

    I recently asked my mom who was concerned about Crimea, “are we already bored with the Muslims?”

    The bottom line is Radical Islam is kind of petering out as bogeymen go.

    I think it is the two-party system.

  8. Cosmo Kramer says:

    After being mollested by the tsa yesterday, I don’t plan on any jokes.

    • Andrew' says:

      Don’t blame the joke.

      Let’s do a little thought experiment here.

      What if Bob did pull off his joke. Which of course part of the joke is that no one would ever do such a thing. So, what if he did.

      And what if the TSA threw the book at him? What for? For them having to disrupt and inconvenience air travel, artificially, just a little more than they are already doing? Yuppers.

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