16 Jan 2014

Three-Dimensional Representation of von Mises’ View on the Yield Curve

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No joke, von Pepe sends me this right from Wikipedia:

I suppose some of you purists will insist on seeing the context. But I am not kidding, that diagram is taken right from Wikipedia. It showcases the von Mises Yield Curve.

11 Responses to “Three-Dimensional Representation of von Mises’ View on the Yield Curve”

  1. Ivan Jankovic says:

    Voice: Lu, your brother died.

    Lu: He was a positivist.

  2. Silas Barta says:

    LOL! Actually had to learn that in college.

  3. Robert J. Oneto says:

    I always imagined that dinner time conversations at the von Mises’ household were very heady experiences.
    Being in the failure analysis field I get to put this curve to use on a daily basis. Thanks for the post Bob.

  4. Capt. J Parker says:

    Yeah, that’s one thing economics is in sore need of, a quantifiable unambiguous FAILURE CRITERIA.

  5. Colonel Serfdom says:

    That’s from Mises’s brother Richard von Mises right?

  6. Isaac says:

    I remember arguing with someone in my mechanical engineering program about economics. He told me to go read Das Kapital, so I told him to read some Mises. All I got in response was, “Like the von Mises stress…?”. *facepalm*

  7. Raja says:

    Looks like a space gun used by the Justice League.

  8. Ken B says:

    This can help non-Austrians understand the fundamental problem of plasticity calculation.

  9. Colonel Serfdom says:

    It’s really interesting that the von Mises brothers went in such different directions regarding math. However, I always found Mises’ economic thinking to have a rigorous and clear mathematical style to it-even if he wasn’t actually using math.

    • Andrew_FL says:

      “Math” is not arithmetic. Logic is a branch of mathematics. There is nothing unmathematical about reasoning deductively.

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