07 Jan 2014

The Policeman Is Your…

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This is making the rounds. Just watch the first full 1:05. You can see that yes, sometimes the police must use violence in order to maintain Law & Order, but that it bitterly grieves them to do so.

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  1. Yancey Ward says:

    Some fine upstanding citizens there. People wonder what the bullies from their childhoods are doing today- I bet a lot of them are police officers.

    • Major_Freedom says:

      Or hired to be bullies in other countries.

      The nation is full of ’em.

  2. Leave me alone says:

    All the A-hole bullies I grew up with became NYC cops. I remember when they were rookies and the all went out drinking one night. They were in the street in from of my house at 3am, super drunk and laughing and bragging about starting a bar brawl. One of them was hysterically laughing about how he bashed some guys head and probably left him for dead! I bet those guys are getting nice hefty pensions now.

  3. Jon Dough says:

    It would be nice to discover their identities. People like that should be actively and publicly shunned and shamed, in perpetuity if necessary, until they repent.

    • Gamble says:

      Veteran Seabrook police officers Mark Richardson, Adam Laurent and Keith Dietenhofer have all been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation into their alleged actions against Bergeron.

      A fourth officer shown in the video — Patrolman Dave Hersey — hasn’t been placed on administrative leave.

  4. Gamble says:

    Probably gave that guy some brain damage. That’s gonna cost the taxpayer, oh wait, republicans and democrats have all but guaranteed government has sovereign immunity and zero liability.


    • Gamble says:

      Well it took longer to be edited here, than anywhere else I have ever talked.

      Anyways here is the fallout so far.

      • Gamble says:

        Private Investigator gives opinion. Town manager CYA.


        Simply ask yourself, what would happen if 3 private citizen men, did this to another private citizen man at Walmart?

        I would guess felony assault charges, banned from police work and a multi-million dollar lawsuit settlement.

        Since this is public police, and republicans and democrats give evil government unnatural rights and immunities, I am predicting a slap on the wrist and 300k settlement.

        • Gamble says:

          From the police report. (Video tells me this report is a big fat lie.)

          “Bergeron became more angered and was told to walk back to the cell, which he refused to do, Laurent said.Officer Richardson escorted Bergeron out of the booking room and “soon after Officer Richardson appeared to perform an arm bar on Bergeron,” Laurent said.Bergeron fell to the floor and then stood up with Richardson’s help.”Bergeron fell to the floor again and crawled on all fours, not responding to Officer Richardson’s orders. Due to Bergeron’s prior spitting and failure to comply to anyone’s order as he was on an emotional rollercoaster I pepper-sprayed him as he looked back at us in the hallway,” Laurent said.Bergeron was eventually escorted to the sallyport where he was decontaminated and then placed back in the cell.After he was bailed, Laurent said Bergeron “was apologetic” while leaving the station. – “

        • Cosmo Kramer says:

          It is sickening that they officers were laughing while doing this.

  5. Mike M says:

    To Protect and Serve

  6. Gamble says:

    This young man could use a good lawyer. A lawyer who is not secretly a statist. Rare, I know.

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