03 Jan 2014

A Tribute to Ben Bernanke

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This contains a technically true but very misleading narrative, making me now doubt the Rudolph Record. (HT2 Greg Mankiw)

2 Responses to “A Tribute to Ben Bernanke”

  1. David R. Henderson says:

    It’s not even technically true. How did Ron Paul cut Bernanke out of policy? If anything, it was the opposite.

    • Major_Freedom says:

      Ideas are more powerful than guns, Mr. Henderson.

      Ron Paul’s ideas are more powerful than Ron Paul. He succeeded in putting the Fed in a completely different light in mainstream discourse.

      Just because Ron Paul is out of politics, and just because Bernanke remained in politics, it doesn’t mean Bernanke won and Paul lost, unless of course you’ve convinced yourself that political victories are more important than intellectual ones.

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