30 Dec 2013

Is UPS Just as Bad as Healthcare.gov?

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My latest at Mises Canada. An excerpt:

Paul Krugman is no stranger to silly statements that come back to haunt him, but it has been particularly amusing to watch him twist and turn with the debacles of Healthcare.gov, the website devoted to “ObamaCare.” Krugman’s latest analogy is nothing short of hilarious, but first let’s review the backstory.

Since Krugman asked so nicely, I’ll explain to him why the UPS/Amazon debacle is not remotely analogous to Healthcare.gov…

I included a link to the following gem for the Canadian audience, but since so many of you had never seen the Internet prediction, let me shine a spotlight on it here:

3 Responses to “Is UPS Just as Bad as Healthcare.gov?”

  1. Chris Handley says:

    Of course, Amazon and UPS also have a long track record of providing good service to their customers, and this is mostly a freakish occurrence. The same cannot be said for healthcare.gov…or the ACA in general.

    • Major_Freedom says:

      I’ve always said that statists impose a much greater standard of success on markets, than they do on government activity. Any little hiccup in market activity is proof markets are flawed and in need of governmental “help”, while the government is messing up multiples of times greater and statists won’t dare venture the possibility that the market process should take over what the government is messing up.

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