19 Nov 2013

Paul Krugman: The Geezers Have Had an Awful 3rd Quarter

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This isn’t really substantive, but inasmuch as I am the world’s clearinghouse for Krugman Kontradictions–real or merely perceived–I couldn’t resist drawing your attention to two of his pieces:

==> “The Geezers Are All Right,” NYT op ed, June 2, 2013

==> “The Geezers Are Not Alright,” NYT blog post, November 19, 2013

Incidentally, not only is the substance of the above consistent–in the former piece, Krugman is saying the federal government’s fiscal house is in order, so we don’t need to cut Social Security/Medicare, while in the latter piece, he’s saying these programs are essential, so we shouldn’t cut SS/Medicare–but Krugman presumably didn’t even pick the first one’s title, as it was an op ed. In contrast, I’m pretty sure he names his blog posts.

The smoking gun is that the former piece uses the correct “All Right” while the latter uses the frowned-upon “Alright.” But don’t hold it against Krugman: In a liquidity trap, grammatical errors become a virtue.

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  1. Hein says:

    The use of “alright” and title itself is a reference to the song/movie from The Who.


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