18 Nov 2013

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Think She Said Anything Wrong About Keeping Health Plans

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This is ridiculous.

She sounds like Homer saying, “Now Bart, let’s not dwell on who forgot to pick up whom from school…”

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  1. Ken B says:

    Charlie Sheen on crack is more focused. This sounds like an edited loop of incoherent babble spliced together to make her look deranged, but it’s live.

    • Rick Hull says:

      Yeah, I actually cringed and had to turn the video off at all the stumbling, mumbling, and stuttering. Schadenfreude is apparently a fickle strumpet.

  2. Rob says:

    You should check out the end of CNN’s State of the Union from November 17, 2013 with Van Jones who makes the statement that Obamacare is really a Richard Nixon, Heritage Foundation, i.e. Republican plan ala Romneycare. Then he said, “Democrats can make this Republican program (he means Obamacare) work and you guys should thank us for it…” BTW, he supports single payer.

    I am constantly amazed at the ability of people to see total government incompetence and still believe that the answer is more government. At this rate government screw ups simply solidify in people’s minds that the government should run everything…But I guess I should have known that by simply reading 1 Samuel 8. Even after God tells the people who bad a king will be they say: Give us a king. I guess it’s just human nature.

  3. valueprax says:

    Hoopdie-doo AND ado.

    That sounds like much hoopdie-doo and ado about nothing, I must say!

  4. Major_Freedom says:

    I wonder if the people who voted her in will apologize to the American people for making such a huge mistake?

  5. Cosmo Kramer says:


    This video is damning. It is the white house pushing back against critics in 2009……. oops.

    • Ken B says:

      It shows the dysfunction in Washington. Canadian politics has its oddities but I don’t think a major federal leader could keep her job for long after this kind of thing. Her caicus would vote her out.

  6. Mike M says:

    Sophistry is a way of life for these people.

    She is either a blatant liar or she is bats%&t crazy with psychological problems, deluded and economically illiterate. Either way, she has no business running a shoe shine stand let alone being in Congress.

    Seriously, this is the best the United States of America can do? Random names from a phonebook would be better.

    • Ken B says:

      For much of its heyday Florence was governed by a council drawn at random from the eligible class.

  7. Mike M says:

    As for the elimination of preexisting conditions that everyone is lauding, while it appeals to the emotion, once mandated, it is no longer insurance. Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism, whereby I have an uncertain risk and pool resources with others of a similar nature in the event some of use suffer a financial loss we individually cannot withstand. Preexisting conditions are certain. As an analogy, a reasonable person would not mandate an insurance company be required to write Homeowners insurance on a home that is already on fire. Insurance companies forced to accept preexisting conditions cease functioning as risk transfer operations and become administrative agents for the social welfare State.

    • Gamble says:

      Good point Mike.

      Don’t forget, no more lifetime maximums. Now this is doubly not insurance.

      American health care has been socialized. The plans/premiums are just a ruse.

  8. trent steele says:

    Tried to post earlier… not sure why this isn’t working, but…


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