17 Oct 2013

Lew Rockwell: Gov’t Can Cut Spending By Not Spying on Americans and Killing Foreigners

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I don’t remember too many “Tea Party radicals” suggesting these ideas… A special treat in the below clip is to hear a British guy say, “Ludwig von Mises.” Almost as pleasing to the ear as when someone on the BBC says “Baghdad.”

7 Responses to “Lew Rockwell: Gov’t Can Cut Spending By Not Spying on Americans and Killing Foreigners”

  1. Ken Pruitt says:

    When I remember that Austrian Economics is seeing a revival, despite all of the sneering and smear tactics, it brings a smile to my face.

    • joe says:

      Actually that would not cut spending because following that advice would lead to another terrorist attack which would open the door for another big defense build up.

      How does default force a balanced budget? If the govt defaults on bonds, then they have room to borrow under the debt ceiling. It would merely dramatically increase the interest expense.

      Debt held by the public is 11 trillion. Default on 11 trillion and they can borrow another 11 trillion without breaching the debt ceiling.

      • Dan says:

        So if the US government defaulted on $11 trillion, you think they’d have people ready to loan them another $11 trillion?

  2. random guy says:

    The Conscience of a Libertarian

  3. James Smith says:

    When Mises eventually gets mentioned on the BBC I think we’ll all squeal a little.

    But Bob, I have a posh English accent – I’d be happy to send you an audio clip of me saying the names of tons of austrian economists if you want.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      James, only if you also say “Secretary of State.” Love how the BBC people say that.

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