17 Oct 2013

George W. Krugman

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Some people are sore losers, but Krugman is a sore winner on the debt ceiling. Here’s part of his post-game show:

[The organization titled] Fix the Debt didn’t just help create a climate of crisis with its fearmongering over the deficit; the fiscal scolds actively cheered GOP hostage-taking in 2011, and were still lending support to hostage tactics this time around.

Furthermore, neutrality is not an option here. If one political party attempts to defy due process and extract concessions from the other party by threatening financial and economic catastrophe, and your response is to condemn partisanship in the abstract and suggest that both sides are equally to blame, you are in effect lending cover to the hostage-takers.

In other words, Fix the Debt isn’t just ineffectual in its pursuit of a Grand Bargain, it’s an actively malign force in our politics, in effect acting as an ally of the extortionists.

Wow, a group that is concerned about the debt and criticizes both political parties is acting as an ally of the extortionists. Somebody give Krugman an award for being a champion of free speech!

9 Responses to “George W. Krugman”

  1. Guillermo Sanchez says:

    George was by far very Keynesian. The only good thing that our former corrupt-robber president had made in his whole life, was to give us proofs of Bush’s thoughts.


  2. Ken P says:

    Great analogy, Bob!

  3. Wu says:

    Why are you so obsessed with Krugman? Why not post something more original and less hateful?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Say what you will about my obsession with Krugman, but it is not hateful.

    • Major_Freedom says:

      “Why are you so obsessed with Krugman?”

      Why not?

    • Z says:

      The word hateful is ridiculously overused.

    • Mike T says:

      “Why are you so obsessed with Krugman?”

      >> Probably because much of the media and public are obsessed with him, and as such, carries a tremendous amount of influence. If the media and public are going to obsess over an economist, then it should be one who is more civil, intellectually honest, and most importantly… a karaoke superstar.

    • Gamble says:

      Because Krugman is obsessed with enslaving humanity…

  4. Gamble says:

    Thanks to Bush, most seniors keep a picnic basket full of prescriptions near by, sicker than ever but well medicated…

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