07 Sep 2013

Money for Nothing Trailer

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Does anybody know about this? I am surprised by the strength of some of the statements from Fed officials in this trailer.

Here’s the website for the documentary.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    The director for this was recently interviewed on the Peter Schiff radio show. Seems like a promising documentary.

  2. Jim PM says:

    The guy who made this was on Schiff’s radio show the other day.

    • Jim PM says:

      Sorry, somehow mine was the first comment when I initially posted that.

  3. Cosmo Kramer says:

    And chicks for free.

    • guest says:

      Now, that ain’t workin …

  4. JSR2008 says:

    “You have what degree of confidence in your ability to control this?”

    “One-hundred percent.”

    There is a special seat waiting for you in hell, The Ben Bernak.

  5. guest says:

    The key tenet underlying Money For Nothing is our belief that a more fully and accurately informed public will promote greater accountability and more effective policies from our central bank …

    But I don’t want “more effective policies” from them; I don’t care what they do, so long as the government stops penalizing the use of other currencies.

  6. John S says:

    Includes Michael Bordo, but no George Selgin or Larry White? Boo.

    I bet this movie will start off with the lie that “free banking” was a failure, have no reference to Canada’s free banking system, and probably not even make reference to Canada’s lack of bank failures during the Great Depression.

  7. Joseph Fetz says:

    “It’s a bunch of government workers trying to fix prices”

    That, my friends, is the only thing that matters in the context of economics. (though, you may have quibbles about the public/private nature of the Fed)

  8. Bharat says:

    0:40: I don’t think they’re playing Jenga right.

  9. innocent says:

    Wow, this captures most of my worries about the current state of the economy and the current method of the fed and to be honest congressional choices over the last 40 – 60 years… ticking time bomb and larger destabilized economic swings. But we will see.

  10. dsto says:

    There are several clips from the movie on the vimeo channel http://vimeo.com/user4312846/videos

  11. Younger Cato says:

    It’s actually a pretty good doco. The producer did a decent job presenting the material. His perspective seems to sympathize w/ ABCT. I was also surprised by the candor he managed to squeeze out of Fed officials. Took some buddies who are typically pretty oblivious regarding these matters & they are now less blissfully ignorant. Mises.org et. al. should promote this more. My 2 cents.

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