16 Jun 2013

That’s My King!

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I have to be really brief (my home internet is out). Let me post my favorite short video, which you will probably see quarterly from me if you are a regular reader.

5 Responses to “That’s My King!”

  1. Ken Pruitt says:

    The video wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that the comments are disabled (auto-phail in my book).

  2. Sam Geoghegan says:

    If one follows the Aristotelian idea of a first cause, which isn’t entirely unreasonable, aren’t religious deities just provincial interpretations of one all pervasive, elusive God?
    You can hardly blame a Hindu or Muslim for following their respective faith’s.
    Btw Bob, I read on Edward Feser’s blog that he’s renounced libertarianism for some kind of small govt conservatism. That’s a shame.

  3. David Wilkinson says:

    Saw this video at the Navigators at my college. Great video. Very very awe-evoking of Jesus.

  4. Cryptoast says:

    I have such a clever response, and Im an eye-roll atheist of the most dismissive and rude sort, but I just cant cat bring myself to bust your chops on religion. Youre so not-adick about it, that it just doesnt feel right.

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