17 Jun 2013

Off to Porcfest…

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Blogging will be sparse this week, as I’m headed to the Porcupine Freedom Festival or “Porcfest” in New Hampshire. Here’s an article I wrote about it before.

This year, amongst other things, I will be having a friendly debate with David Friedman on sundry issues and then it’s time for the “Bob Murphy Variety Show.” What’s that, you ask? I’m not sure yet. I will decide the day before.

7 Responses to “Off to Porcfest…”

  1. Adrian Gabriel says:

    Looking forward to seeing the video of that debat with David Friedman. Hopefully you’ll wake him up to praxeology and the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. He seems to think physics can be used in Economics. Sadly he loves his dad’s work a little too much…

  2. Joseph Fetz says:

    If you need any help just let me know. Obviously, I don’t have a sense of humor as good as yours, but I am an awesome organizer and system builder, so I am very good at seeing the bigger picture and planning out the details within it.

  3. सुनील says:

    What are you debating with David Friedman? Is it econ? That’s the only place I see substantive disagreement between you, as your ancap stuff strikes me as too similar for meaningful debate. Just curious.

  4. Ken Pruitt says:

    I hope the David Friedman debate is going to be up somewhere. That’ll be interesting to see.

  5. Z says:

    I think a lot of people don’t like to attend Porcfest and support the free state project than who actually support liberty. I watched that comedy routine you guys did last year, the roasting, and it was pretty much the most vulgar thing I had ever seen. I’m not sure how you guys are expecting to attract the half of libertarians who are pretty conservative about stuff like that.

    • Z says:

      Not trying to knock the hard work people put into porcfest, by the way.

    • Joseph Fetz says:

      “I watched that comedy routine you guys did last year, the roasting, and it was pretty much the most vulgar thing I had ever seen.”

      Porcfest is a weeklong event, so please realize that that was only a fraction of a percentage of what goes on at Porcfest. Also notice that there was no Roast this year.

      However, I have my doubts about the Soapbox Idol event that they had, because while it wasn’t as raunchy as the Roast, F bombs were a flyin’ left and right. I swear that I saw Bob wincing every time, so his face muscles must be pretty strong by now. In any case, the one that won the event was awesome.

      Both the Roast and the Soapbox Idol events are supposed to be uncensored and kinda “out there”, but like I said, they are only a tiny fraction of the events at Porcfest. They’re meant to appeal to a particular audience.

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