17 Jun 2013

Glenn “Kane” Jacobs on Austrian Economics and Other Topics

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This occurred a few miles from my house. I took my 8-year-old, we got the obligatory picture with Glenn (I at least waited for someone else to ask him, before I did), and then, a few moments before the talk began, my son accidentally dumped a full glass of lemonade all over himself (and my foot). So we had to leave. But I tried.

2 Responses to “Glenn “Kane” Jacobs on Austrian Economics and Other Topics”

  1. hoebel says:

    Don’t give drugs to the kid. It’s not debatable anymore, I mean you can debate but you’ll loose:

  2. Porphy's Attorney says:


    But it would have been better if his pyro went off.


    If he ever does decide to run for anything, he should get to use his theme and have the pyro go off when he enters the stage for debates.

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