14 May 2013

Tennessee Police Take $160,000 From Guy at Traffic Stop

Big Brother 11 Comments

Tell me this cop doesn’t seem like a lying bully.

11 Responses to “Tennessee Police Take $160,000 From Guy at Traffic Stop”

  1. Nicholas Glenn says:

    Why should he have to prove to the gov. the money is from legitimate business? It should be the other way around

  2. Major_Freedom says:

    Highway robbery. Literally.

  3. Dan says:

    Ugh! Effing bastards still managed to steal $5k from the poor guy, not to mention all the money he lost trying to get his 160K back, and the revenue lost from holding up his business deals. Bunch of worthless scumbags.

  4. Mule Rider says:

    And when some of us (correctly) talk about this country increasingly becoming a “police state,” we’re chided with accusations of tin-foil hat nonsense.

  5. Robert Fellner says:

    By far the best part is the defense lawyer talking about how the overwhelming majority of people don’t fight to get their money back, since it costs 30K in lawyer fees to retrieve the 10k the government stole from you, and now demands you prove is legitimate.

  6. Razer says:

    What do you want to bet the cop was a Keynesian? And I bet LK is drooling over this video, wanting to implement these tactics on the entire world. And DK wants to kill those that object, especially those in Texas.

  7. Tel says:

    Why does the word bitcoin jump into my head?

    • jack says:

      Because your profession is skewing your judgment. You mean bitcoin as the solution? No, not with it’s shady history – like 6 million reasons not to take it seriously.

      • Tel says:

        Easier to lug around than wads of cash though.

  8. John Papola says:

    My grandmother used to opine that her South Philly neighborhood was nicer and cleaner “when the mob ran things”. They still do, Grandmom. It’s just a less competent, more corrupt, and less Italian one. But it’s still the mob.

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