18 May 2013

Singing “Wonderful Tonight” in Nashville

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  1. TravisV says:

    Huh, I didn’t realize Eric Clapton is rather conservative!


    “Clapton is a supporter of the Countryside Alliance, has played in concerts to raise funds for the organisation and publicly opposed the Labour Party’s ban on fox hunting with the 2004 Hunting Act. A spokesperson for Clapton said, “Eric supports the Countryside Alliance. He doesn’t hunt himself, but does enjoy rural pursuits such as fishing and shooting. He supports the Alliance’s pursuit to scrap the ban on the basis that he doesn’t agree with the state’s interference with people’s private pursuits.”


    On 5 August 1976 Clapton provoked an uproar and lingering controversy when he spoke out against increasing immigration during a concert in Birmingham. Visibly intoxicated, Clapton voiced his support of controversial political candidate Enoch Powell, and announced on stage that Britain was in danger of becoming a “black colony”……….

  2. Paul says:

    Looks like Lonnie’s on Printer’s Alley. They take their karaoke pretty serious.

  3. Ken B says:

    In Ancapistan, can I hire enforcers to stop this?

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