14 May 2013

Obama Has Lost (Jon) Stewart

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Not sure how long this clip will stay up on YouTube, but it’s good. He starts with playful O’Reilly banter, but you’ll see where he’s going with it…

9 Responses to “Obama Has Lost (Jon) Stewart”

  1. z says:

    First comment. What do I win?

  2. Yosef says:

    So the IRS is targeting conservative groups whose express purpose is to attack the IRS and the government? What’s wrong with that? It’s like the EPA targeting polluters, or the Department of Defense targeting enemy nations. It’s just their departmental survival instinct.

    [There, that should keep me safe from the government agencies reading all online messages. Apologists for power always die last right?]

    • Major_Freedom says:

      Well played Yosef.

      But you didn’t end it with “Praise Be With Obama.”

      You’re now on the list.

      • Yosef says:

        Major_Freedom, Obama is simply the current holder of power, which to say simply a passing thing. My praise is for the system, the party, the eternal.

    • Matt Tanous says:

      Should have taken the liberal Democrat tack and claimed the IRS’s admission of wrongdoing is itself a right-wing conspiracy somehow.

    • skylien says:

      Yeah right, or it is like when Stalin or Hitler “silenced” critics by locking them away in a prison or KZ/Gulag, who expressed purpose to attack them and their government. It’s just their departmental (power) survival instinct. What’s wrong with that?

      (Well if you think it is a matter of degree maybe you should chose a different line of argument! And even then it is still wrong. Expressing an opinion whether to reform any government departement through legal measures does NOT permit any government departement to treat those people differently than any other with a different set of political opinion! It is about equality before the law and freedom of expression, I am sure you heard about that.)

      • skylien says:

        omg… Sorry Yosef. I should have read you comment completely and not ignore the last sentence (You better hope governmenf officials don’t read things in breackets either, and so do I)…

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