27 Apr 2013

Murphy Talk on “Spreading the Gift” at “Anarchy in the NYC” Event

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On April 20 I gave the opening talk at the “Anarchy in the NYC” event. In case you don’t know, this event featured a bunch of young anarchists of various persuasions, as well as bands. So I had to unveil Tough Guy Murphy for this one.

One last caveat: There is about 45 seconds of lost footage in the video below, and it occurs at a crucial part near the end after I give the NBA and writers analogies. The talk is still comprehensible, but the “a ha” punchline loses some of its force. In any event, my opening joke about testicles survives, and I think that’s all that really counts.

2 Responses to “Murphy Talk on “Spreading the Gift” at “Anarchy in the NYC” Event”

  1. skylien says:

    Nice talk, and your main point is great and very important to repeat over and over again..

  2. Matthew M. says:

    Great talk, I’ve actually had an issue with that, feeling like everyone else is stupid, evil, insulting, etc. Thinking of it this way is excellent. I’d love to see this expanded upon in an article.

    Oh, don’t forget the favicon for this site… don’t make me come through the computer screen!

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