02 Apr 2013

Lara and Murphy Presentation in Nashville

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Tonight, April 2, 2013, my co-author Carlos Lara and I will be giving a talk in the Brentwood Public Library on our view of the US economy (it’s bleak) and what households can do. Much of what we will discuss comes from our book, if you are curious but want to get a sense of the material before driving out there.

People are encouraged to show up at 6:45pm and we start promptly at 7. It’s scheduled for 2 hours.

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  1. Keshav Srinivasan says:

    Bob, off-topic but have you seen this post by Krugman?

    He seems to be rejecting the idea that wages are stuck at too high a level, and moreover he seems to be attributing that idea to the Austrians. But I thought sticky wages were at the heart of the Keynesian explanation of recessions.

    Maybe this is an opportunity for a Krugman Kontradiction.

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