18 Mar 2013

Update on Krugman Debate

Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion 11 Comments

Nothing new here, but some of you might prefer video to text:

And here’s where you make your pledge…

11 Responses to “Update on Krugman Debate”

  1. joeftansey says:

    Since it’s been so long, have you tried to estimate how many of the pledges might fall through? As in, peoples’ credit card information might not be valid anymore, etc…

    • AD says:

      That’s going to be a significant amount. It’s been so long, you would really need to start over at this point.

    • Matthew M. says:

      Yeah, this is one concern that has been floating around in the back of my head, what do you know about this, Bob?

  2. Matt M says:

    Every time you open a video with “Bob Murphy here” I am reminded of Billy Mays. Have you considered doing late-night infomercials for the Krugman debate?

  3. Dean Wilson says:

    Bob, Did you ever carry out Gary North’s Super Secret Plan to embarrass Krugman and further encourage him to debate? I’ve been super curious about that since he first mentioned it months ago.

    • Joseph Fetz says:

      Trust me, you would have known if he had done it, it is that genius.

      • Z says:

        Fetz, you not telling us something? Are you in the inner circle of the Austrian global elite?

        • Joseph Fetz says:

          No, I’m just really good at harassing the hell out of people to get the information that I want. Ask anybody.

          • Ken B says:

            Dammit Fetz dammit. OK OK OK. I prefer Ginger to Mary Ann. Are you finally satisfied??

  4. Stupid guy says:

    Bob, did you see krugman’s debate with Scarborough? It happened when you were on that cruise. It’s pretty bad, you really get to see how immature he is. And I’m not even sure it can be claimed that he won, it was that pathetic. Anyhow, I just pledged a hundred and I really hope I get charged!

  5. migspalexpl says:

    hei murphy..

    i kind of sympathize with you, but on this krugman thing you come across as incredibly lame.. you show that you want to debate krugman so much that you are willing to blackmail him into it (if he doesn’t do it, this money won’t go to charity). you, with a tear in the eye, pleading for his understanding: he even mentioned you (kind of) favorably once! (hmm? what krugman says suddenly matters now?) you look like an annoying kid, clinging on the back of some football hero, trying to make him turn and play with you. well, didn’t you know that avoidance of annoyance is a fine reason to avoid certain human experiences? come on, man the fuck up.

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