13 Mar 2013

Great Posts on the Minimum Wage

Bryan Caplan, David R. Henderson, Economics, Mario Rizzo, Scott Sumner 5 Comments

It’s reassuring to see that if I ever decided to retire to the Caribbean permanently, my US-based free-market colleagues would carry forward the torch of liberty. Here are some great posts on the minimum wage:

==> Steve Landsburg

==> Bryan Caplan

==> Scott Sumner (though it’s on ObamaCare technically, but could be applied to minimum wages).

==> Mario Rizzo

5 Responses to “Great Posts on the Minimum Wage”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    Guest posts …

  2. Matt Tanous says:

    Caplan’s take on Card-Krueger is interesting. Of course, empiricism is a faulty doctrine anyway, but still.

    I mean, I just cannot honestly accept a “scientific method” that basically alternates between saying:

    If A, then B
    B is observed
    Thus, A (affirming the consequent fallacy)

    If A and B, then C
    Not C
    Thus, not A

    Neither of these are logical statements, and they don’t become logical when you define the premises.

    • Ken B says:

      Since the scientific method doesn’t actually match either of your examples …

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