14 Nov 2012

Ron Paul’s Farewell Address

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This is from Lew Rockwell, FYI:

It seems that the mean-spirited and envious Republicans will finally allow Ron to deliver his eloquent “Farewell Address.” While it is a so-long to Congress and the various crooks, liars, con men, and clowns who comprise it, it is far more important than that. Ron lays out a blueprint of exactly what is wrong, thanks to the rotten government, and how to set about fixing it. He talks philosophy and the most practical matters, too. He also tells us bout the ideas he will be advancing in his freer life post-Congress and post-politics. We have so much to look forward to! Watch this space for the CSPAN schedule, and the YouTube, and prepare to be moved, thrilled, and inspired. (Thanks to Jeff Deist)

UPDATE It looks as if his talk will be at 3:00pm EST today. (Thanks, Jeff)

UPDATE Now it is scheduled for 2:00pm EST. (Thanks to Norm Singleton)

So by my calculations, that’s starting in about 5 minutes as I post this…

9 Responses to “Ron Paul’s Farewell Address”

  1. Major_Freedom says:

    Apparently that speech was “part one” of his farewell address.

  2. Keshav Srinivasan says:

    Bob, off-topic but wasn’t Lew Rockwell the guy who wrote the infamous Ron Paul newsletters?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      I wasn’t there but I don’t think so. They don’t seem like his style at all to me, and plus he says it wasn’t him.

      • Keshav Srinivasan says:

        You weren’t where?

      • John T. Kennedy says:

        I’ll entertain the idea that Lew didn’t write all of those letters but it’s a safe bet he was responsible for publishing them. We’re talking about the Lew Rockwell who in 1991 – in the middle of the Ron Paul newsletter period – as a professed libertarian, lamented the video cameras that caught cops beating the crap out of Rodney King. Lew writes better than those letters, but they reflect his agenda at the time.


        • Silas Barta says:


          Lew Rockwell, 2003: “…no person with an attachment to the idea of liberty is thrilled to see police beating anyone.”

          Lew Rockwell, 1991 (from your link): “As recently as the 1950s … a mugger or rapist knew he faced a trouncing — proportionate to the offense and the offender — in the back of the paddy wagon, and maybe even a repeat performance at the station house. As a result, criminals were terrified of the cops, and our streets were safe.”

          LOL wut?

  3. John T. Kennedy says:

    Ron appears to be reading a speech he didn’t write, which is not to say it’s not consistent with is philosophy, it is.

    I have a hunch Rockwell had a hand in writing this speech.

    • Dan says:

      If Rockwell did, and I doubt it, I say, bravo.

  4. Bob Murphy says:

    OK you guys have had your say, but I’m deleting future comments on the newsletters. I don’t want to have to go research every link etc. and some of you are making accusations about people I work with so I don’t want to deal with this.