08 Oct 2012

Yet Another (More Informed) Plug for Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom

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And here’s the link to fund the Murphy Christmas Initiative.

4 Responses to “Yet Another (More Informed) Plug for Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom”

  1. zee says:

    Excellent video on the Liberty Classroom. And definitely ‘more informed’ and less drunken foolishness than the last time around.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      To what drunken foolishness do you refer?

      • Joseph Fetz says:

        I think you meant to ask, “to *which* drunken foolishness do you refer?”. I’m guessing that zee is talking about the karaoke videos.

      • zee says:

        Oh, I have no idea. I simply assumed this was the second take and you quickly destroyed the first tape after you became sober and realized you’d probably be sent to guantanamo or a supermax prison after what you confessed on there in your drunken and confused state.

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