27 Oct 2012

The Guide to Trading Candy

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Ryan Murphy points us to this:

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  1. Adrian Gabriel says:

    Interesting, I remember Robert P Murphy has a better explanation with value scales in Lessons for the Young Economist. It’s very Rothbardian.

  2. 20bp says:

    “Please make a team fortress 2 trading tutorial, that would (be) hilarious.” – one of the comments on youtube.
    Well, now that’s a thought. Are there any games that animate market? It’s a tricky territory beause markets are all about allocating scarce resources and in games area the only scarcity you will find is within actual people playing. You can get as much of whatever in game as you wish. People get sucked easily in the illusion of fake game economics whether it’s basically closed scenario or superficially complex strategies. But what if it was real in principle, is it possible at all to place real economics in a game?

  3. Aneirin says:

    Highly, highly relevant (from Jeff Tucker): http://mises.org/daily/3834

  4. Gene Callahan says:

    When Eamon was about 7, he saw a report that said 50% of parents snuck into their kids’ rooms after Halloween to steal some of their candy. He said, “Dad, would you ever do that?”

    “No way,” I said. “However, I do sneak into your room each night and steal part of your soul.”

    That is probably why he has become a jazz musician.

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