22 Oct 2012

Clark 3, Daddy 0

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The following is a lightly edited transcript of recent events in Nashville, TN…

BOB: Okay is the person alive?

CLARK: Yes. He’s in our family.

BOB: OK, you don’t need to tell me that, you just need to say “yes” or “no.” Uh, is it a man?


BOB: Is he on Mommy’s side of the family or my side?

CLARK: Mommy’s.

BOB: OK is it [Clark’s grandfather]?


BOB: OK is it [Clark’s great-grandfather]?


BOB: OK is it [Clark’s uncle]?

CLARK: No. It’s Mommy! I tricked you!

BOB: OK well let’s tell the truth with our clues, otherwise there’s no point in asking for clues. OK I’m thinking of somebody.

CLARK: Is he in your family?

BOB: Well, yes, but technically you don’t know if it’s a he or she yet.

CLARK: Uncle Al?

BOB: [shocked] How the heck did you get that so fast?! Yes I was thinking of Uncle Al.

CLARK: OK I’m thinking of someone.

BOB: Is he alive or dead?

CLARK: Dead.

BOB: OK was he famous?

CLARK: Yes, he was a very famous musician.

BOB: OK, but you didn’t need to tell me that, you can just say “yes” or “no.” Do I listen to his music?

CLARK: I don’t know. He died very young.

BOB: Very young…? What the heck…? Buddy Holly?

[Bob flails about helplessly, trying to understand how Clark can know someone famous who died very young. Bob is trying to think of classical musical prodigies that perhaps Clark heard about in school?]

CLARK: Elvis! He died when he was 42. That’s very young. I read it in a book.

7 Responses to “Clark 3, Daddy 0”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    Ok, now I can’t help but think that he was also right about who has the best singing skills in your family.

  2. Tel says:

    You trust your kid with books?

    Man, those things are more dangerous than the Internet!

  3. David R. Henderson says:


  4. Ken B says:

    Hey! 42 IS very young!

    What are you 45 RPM?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      The King’s not dead, Ken B. That’s why I didn’t get it.

      • Ken B says:

        And yet you’ve bought the Buddy Holly story hook, line and sinker! Two words Bob, two words: Area 51

  5. Rob says:

    What’s his view on the debt debate ? Has he started buying up,bonds yet ?

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