19 Oct 2012

At Least This Guy Appreciates Me

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In contrast to jokers to the left of me and clowns to the right, this guy understands me:

11 Responses to “At Least This Guy Appreciates Me”

  1. Daniel Kuehn says:

    We really must have crushed your sould if you take solace in this.

    I’m sorry. I’ll tone it back.

    • Daniel Kuehn says:


    • Bob Murphy says:

      Part of it Daniel is that I am a bit stressed with major work deadlines and so I am taking it out on unborn generations…

      • Daniel Kuehn says:

        Ya, its sad. I have to use some restricted data on a non-networked computer.

        My most productive days are always the days I’m working on that computer and do not bring my laptop to the office.

        On net, the internet is productivity enhancing… on any given day that is definitely not the case.

  2. Gene Callahan says:

    “In contrast to jokers to the left of me and clowns to the right…”

    Good one!

  3. Major_Freedom says:

    What is this? What’s the background? Or should I instead not ask?

  4. Nick Rowe says:

    The guy’s right you know. I reckon you must be a really great teacher.

  5. Mattheus von Guttenberg says:

    It is impossible to overestimate how creepy that video is.

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