01 Aug 2012


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==> Rob Bradley has some neat quotes from Milton Friedman, some of which I’ve never seen before.

==> Arthur Laffer and Ford Scudder lay out the looming “fiscal cliff.” Some big numbers for tax-rate increases that are currently in the cards.

==> The grand shi strategy of Ron Paul.

==> The mischievous von Pepe sends me John Cochrane trying to explain his inflation warnings vis-a-vis Krugman’s mocking. Eh, I am sympathetic–and Cochrane has some good zingers–but I still am not sure how I feel on the whole thing.

==> I don’t pump every one of these types of posts your way, but here is an example of what I do on a regular basis in my work on energy policy. You would not believe the crazy stuff that some of the left-leaning environmental economists put out. I’m not talking about people saying carbon emissions constitute an externality and so we need a carbon tax. I’m talking about people saying a carbon tax will force businesses to install insulation and they’ll end up with bigger profit margins, etc.

==> I had a long interview with “Manifest Liberty” on all sorts of issues, ranging from free markets (of the Murphy kind, not the Krugman kind) to Christianity (of the Jesus kind, not the Hitchens kind). The first of 5 parts is here on YouTube.

6 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. Dan says:

    “==> I had a long interview with “Manifest Liberty” on all sorts of issues, ranging from free markets (of the Murphy kind, not the Krugman kind)”

    That’s pretty hilarious.

  2. Joseph Fetz says:

    “I don’t pump every one of these types of posts your way”

    Why not? I really think that you should.

  3. Tel says:

    Can I throw in my latest shameless self-promotion?


    It is pretty close to my earlier attempts at self promotion, with a bit more window dressing and downloadable movies (just simulation movies, nothing to get worried about). Yes I really am shameless, and I really am promoting myself. One day Murphy’s blog is going to become legendary when people wake up to just how important this stuff really is. I hope I don’t have to die before this becomes famous or anything. 🙂

    By the way, how do people feel about Youtube movies around here, vs just downloading a movie viewer? Is it really such an awesome thing to watch a movie in a browser window? Personally, I hate it, but other people seem to think it’s popular.

    Also, is the layout OK?

    By the way, in terms of the “the looming fiscal cliff”, why not just say it like you mean it? The US government is going to default. We can argue about when and how this happens, but carrying on the way things are going now… ain’t possible.

    And bring back some Murphy videos too, but actually the recent articles in American Conservative have been really good. How to get younger people into this? I’ve tried talking to young folks and usually they run away, unless they are related to me in which case they pretend to be interested and sneak off when I look away. Teaching survival skills — not as easy as it looks in Tarzan comics.

    • Major_Freedom says:

      You could have least tried to make the shameless self-promotion appear as a segway of some sort.

      You know, something like “Speaking of fiscal cliffs and Milton Friedman quotes, I think evolution is happening at all levels, not just at the individual or group level, as I explain .”

      • Tel says:

        I tend to find that brazen honesty gets treated with some respect, if you use it in the right circles. It just makes such a change from the standard fare of stone faced bullshit artistry.

        Besides, this particular thread never came to life, so hopefully I can’t be the one who killed it.

        Also, in this particular case, I’m not making any money (not even advertising) so mostly I would just like people to get interested in my way of seeing things. Admittedly, that’s coercive (in a way) but probably won’t hurt anyone, and perhaps might help.

      • Bruce says:

        Is this some kind of economist in-joke? But segway is not the same as segue! I’ve seen this a couple of times on this blog.

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