27 Jun 2012

Bask on Norwegian Oil Fund

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I know Free Advice is a global behemoth, with readers from every continent. Therefore, someone please save me a lot of time, by telling me where I need to go to find out the basic policies of Norway’s oil fund (its old name). This is a special fund that takes in revenue from petroleum sales, in order to buy other assets and ensure that future Norwegians partake in the delights of today’s mineral deposits.

For example, with Alaska’s Permanent Fund I have tons of info right here. So what is the analog for Norway, or do I have to learn a second language?

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  1. Boom Bust says:

    Dear Sir,

    You may find information straight from the website of The Norwegian Government Pensjon Fund Global (“the oil fund” by it’s popular name) here: http://www.nbim.no/en/

    You may also find relevant information from the treasury departments website: http://www.regjeringen.no/en/dep/fin/Selected-topics/the-government-pension-fund.html?id=1441

    In case you happen to learn some Norwegian, you may find charts and information in this presentation from the parliaments latest hearing on the management of the oil fund here: http://www.nbim.no/Global/Documents/News/2012/2012%20Hearing%2017%20April%20-%20YS%20presentasjon.pdf

    You may also find some more sobre/pessimistic views on the management and holdings of the fund on my blog (use the google-translate tool on the blog to translate to English) here:
    1) http://theboombust.blogspot.no/2012/04/forvaltningen-av-statens-pensjonsfond.html
    2) http://theboombust.blogspot.no/2012/05/et-realkonomisk-slag-i-trynet.html
    3) http://theboombust.blogspot.no/2012/03/en-smakebit-av-beholdningene-i-statens.html
    4) http://theboombust.blogspot.no/2012/03/en-smakebit-av-beholdningene-i-statens_19.html

    Good luck with any research. Feel free to e-mail me should you have any specific questions. Please note that the fund does not disclose how much it has bought of any stocks or bonds during the years or quarters. They only disclose the total value of their holdings. The values are made up of both the changing values of the holdings, and purchases made with the revenues from new “oil money. Thus it is impossible to know how much of any increse in holdings is made up from new purchases.

    Best regards,
    Boom Bust

  2. Kim says:

    You can also find information on the Norges Bank Investment Management site, the organisation charged with managing the fund: http://www.nbim.no/en/

    So yeah, the fund is managed by our central bank. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Bob Murphy says:

    Thanks guys. I will investigate this tomorrow and let you know if I need more help.

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