03 Apr 2012

More Evidence That Bryan Caplan Is the Funniest Econ Blogger

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From today:

I’ve been having an extended Twitter discussion about the history of women’s liberty with Cato’s Jason Kuznicki (@JasonKuznicki), the Atlantic’s Megan McArdle (@asymmetricinfo), and others. I find some of the issues hard to address in 140 characters, so I’m moving my thoughts here.

5 Responses to “More Evidence That Bryan Caplan Is the Funniest Econ Blogger”

  1. Sasha says:

    You funniest, babby, you is.

    • Major_Freedom says:

      How is babby formed?

  2. Ken B says:

    yeah. imagine thinking you might need over 140.
    The 140 character limit Bob Murphy Turing Test!
    “The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it.”
    With 90 to spare!


    Sorry Bob, couldn’t resist.

    • Gene Callahan says:

      The Ken B test is even shorter: “The Bible… Yuck!”

      • Ken B says:

        Callahan in 3: “1=0”

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