26 Apr 2012

EPA Official Uses Historical Analogy to Explain His Enforcement Philosophy

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This is pretty amazing. The fireworks start about 20 seconds into it.

For more background on this, see this Forbes article.

19 Responses to “EPA Official Uses Historical Analogy to Explain His Enforcement Philosophy”

  1. Silas Barta says:

    He forgot to mention that Romans used crucifixion, not just in Turkey, but also Judea.

  2. Jonathan M.F. Catalán says:

    I’ve always thought crucifixion would be the preferred weapon of justice in a free society, myself.

  3. Yosef says:

    Law enforcement official says that he will enforce the law within the confines of the law. Yeah, this amazing.

    So, he basically said that since they are resource constrained, they will make enforcement decisions that have the highest impact? And even said the analogy was crude?

    Personally, I think crucifixion is a poor model to follow anyway. Rather, they should follow Henry at Harfleur

    • Ken B says:

      Chevauchee! But that really is the plan ….

  4. Dan says:

    I’m surprised they took this video down.

  5. Ken B says:

    Rather unfair to the Romans actually, as random preemptive cricifixions were not their usual approach. And … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kiUgr9dCrk

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Ken do you actually think the Romans existed? I once read a tale involving Hercules and guys with hairy chests. I think these so-called Romans were just a tweaking of the Greek myth.

      • John G. says:

        Ha, ha, good one on Ken, Doc.

        The turning of the table.

      • Ken B says:

        I suspect they did Bob. It’s all their imaginary friends I have my doubts about. You know what I mean: Gauls, Etruscans, Carthaginians. If you say Hercules existed, I’ll trust you.

        But you weren’t paying attention Bob. I argued with Anonymouse that Jesus absolutely did exist, and was crucified. And not to put too fine a point on it, I cited more sources than you have!

      • Uncle Sam says:

        There’s a distinct difference between believing in the existence of historical figures and in believing they suspended the laws of nature. I’m pretty sure if I told you the New York Times was reporting miracles you would be highly skeptical. Yet you will believe documents thousands of years old, written by individuals with a vested interest in proving that their religious figure is the best and biggest?

        • Uncle Sam says:

          What did you not understand?

          • Beefcake the Mighty says:

            Pretty much all of it.

  6. Beefcake the Mighty says:

    Imagine the shit-storm that would have arisen if he had mentioned “gas chambers.” At least we know crucifixion was actually used to kill large numbers of people.

  7. noiselull says:
    • Bob Murphy says:

      Noiselull, I linked to the video of him saying the whole thing, including the caveats he gave at the beginning. What you mean is, some people on Fox took it out of context by suggesting he wanted to crucify the oil industry as a whole.

      This big game would be easier to play if people on both sides actually thought for a second before firing off what “their side”‘s latest position was.

    • Egoist says:

      So legal crucifixions are OK.

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