06 Apr 2012

Come to Porcfest 2012!

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Check out this promotional poster for the Comedy Roast that will occur on Friday, June 22 at this year’s Porcfest event:

Here is my write-up of Porcfest 2011. If you can get there, you should. All the details for this year’s Porcfest are here.

UPDATE: Duh, here is my performance as a Roaster at last year’s event. So to be clear, this time around, I’m the MC and we are roasting the guy who was the MC last year. (Yes, it will probably come up that he drank too much. I’m sure we will address that issue.)

13 Responses to “Come to Porcfest 2012!”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    I’m going to try to make it there this year. The problem I am running into is the same problem I ran into last year, nobody is willing to go with me. It really sucks being the only anti-state, free market person in my circle of friends.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Joseph that’s like saying, “I would like to go to McDonalds, but the problem is that there are no Big Macs at my house.”

      • Joseph Fetz says:

        Trust me, I understand that. However, I do tend to like to have acquaintances with me at events such as this, I think that is only natural. While I do love meeting new people, especially those that are like-minded, it is a bit awkward when you’re all by yourself. I am going to put my chances of making it out this year at 75% (the odds are sweetened by the fact that I also want to visit an old Navy buddy that lives in Maine).

        • Major_Freedom says:

          I think libertarians will be the last people on Earth to look down on someone who is coming to an event as an individual.

          • Joseph Fetz says:

            Well, another consideration was the cost. It does help to do a road trip with friends to help share the cost. As it is, it is a total of 1500 miles round trip, which I have estimated to cost around $150-$180 (if gas is @ $4), plus the cost of lodging (because I am a cheap bastard, I would get a rustic single tent campsite which costs $26 a night), plus any extra costs (figure $50 as a guestimate). Basically, I figure the total cost for 2 nights will come to about $250 at a minimum.

            For somebody that doesn’t have much of an income, that isn’t chump change.

          • Joseph Fetz says:

            Oh yeah, and the ticket for PorcFest itself.

        • turbo says:

          Hope you come, it’s a great time. You could arrange to share a campsite with another party and if you are coming alone I would strongly recommend that. That way you’ll “know somebody” and can save a bit of money too.

          • Bob Murphy says:

            For example here is a bulletin board where people try to arrange rides, etc. But like I said, I think the Facebook page might be the hub of activity for this kind of thing.

            • Joseph Fetz says:

              Yes, I saw that bulletin board and am currently talking with some people from Indiana. I don’t have a facebook page (I closed it about 2 years ago), but I do sometimes use one that belongs to somebody else.

  2. Joseph Fetz says:


    If there are any liberty-minded folks who live between Cleveland, Ohio and Lancaster, New Hampshire who would like to share the cost (prorated) of 2 nights at PorcFest (Friday and Saturday), please let me know. My public email address is jaffi311@yahoo.com.


    • Joseph Fetz says:

      P.S. This also applies to those who may be traveling through Cleveland or a city nearby.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      JF are you on Facebook? Try going to the Porcfest page there. If not, go to their website and see if you can meet up with people. There are tons of caravans.

  3. Uncle Sam says:

    No offense, but I watched most of the video from PorcFest last year and you were the only one who I thought was funny. Now I’m sure copious amounts of alcohol help with that, but my comedian test is if I laugh when I’m sober. I laughed a lot at your routine but not at the others.

    Anyway, gonna try to get to PorcFest with some friends this year to represent Alaska. 🙂

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